Round is back in fashion! Oval dining tables, comfy rocking chairs and bold rugs make for a cosy stay.

Spring is the perfect time to freshen up your home, so that everyday activities are always accompanied by good energy and a carefree mind. Sometimes it’s just a matter of adding a few accents to your decor to make your home seem as good as new. Other times, something needs replacing simply because it has had a lot of use. For example, if you had so many guests last summer that both the dining table and the swing broke, it’s a good time to buy new ones that are much trendier and more comfortable. At Furnlux, you’ll find lots of exciting things to wake your senses and your home from hibernation.

Dining tables – the rounder the better

Whether you’re dining alone, with friends or with your family, the dining table is an important part of your home decor. A dining table doesn’t have to be in a separate dining room, it can add style and character to any communal living space and create a pleasant atmosphere. This is particularly true of the currently very popular round and oval dining tables, which can be so multi-functional. Such a dining table can also be a place to work or study. Many people use dining tables for working on the computer, studying or creative activities, as it provides a comfortable large surface. Furnlux has thought of a way to make this even more comfortable, and their oval and circular stylish dining tables are ideal for many uses.

A cute round dining table with smaller dimensions can be perfect for the patio, where you can drink champagne with your girlfriend or read a book while enjoying biscuits and tea. Take a closer look at the BIANCA and BOOTCUT range of dining tables.

Dining set Bianca

One thing is clear: the dining table is often a place where people gather simply to spend time, chat and enjoy food. We think you’ll agree that there’s no better place to strengthen bonds than a dining table full of the best food and snack!

Outdoor furniture – from climate-proof rocking chairs to pizza ovens!

There’s no better place to get some fresh air in the garden than on a swing. Swinging helps to relieve stress and relax, and it’s a great place to organise your thoughts and generate new ideas. If you don’t already have a rocking chair on your garden patio, you can be sure that it will become a social hub for your outdoor space, where family, friends and guests gather to spend time together.

With their robust construction, our climate-resistant and fiercely designed hammocks, rocking chairs, deckchairs and sofas from the VIGA, EDINBURGH, HEDVIG series are a safe choice for any garden to enjoy the sunny weather and relax. Usually, all of the swings are constantly occupied and it might even be worth thinking about buying more than one?

Hanging chair Edinburgh

Because pizza is always loved and you are probably one of them, you can also find pizza ovens at Furnlux! First of all, it’s a great change from a regular barbecue, secondly it’s a fun way to make an already existing patio an even more interesting and inviting place to enjoy the smell of food. Third, it could become a new hobby this summer!

Pizza oven Bukom

Cute house beds in soft colours for families with children

Some kids may feel safer and more comfortable if they have a solid boundary or a roof around their bed when they sleep, like in a house-shaped bed. This can help them to relax and sleep better. A house-shaped bed can also become a fun environment for children to have a house of their own – this could develop creativity, imagination and make the little ones’ eyes sparkle! With pastel shades of wood, the children’s house beds are house-shaped beds with 1-3 sleeping places and a choice of drawers or without.

House bed Natan

The colours are chosen in soft greys, whites, naturals and granite tones so that every parent can find one for their child that is sure to match the rest of the colour scheme in the nursery.

Bold coloured carpets instantly make the room look like new

The world of decorations is also impressive at Furnlux, but today we’re highlighting carpets, because one thing is true: carpets make a big difference to a room and are such a small effort to freshen it up, so it’s worth a try.

When choosing a carpet, consider the size of the room. Larger patterns or brighter colours can make a room look visually larger, while small rooms may need fewer pattern solutions to avoid looking cluttered. In addition to style and aesthetics, you also need to consider the functionality of the rug. If it is a high-traffic area, materials that are easier to clean should be preferred. A wide range of boldly coloured cotton and polyester rugs are available from UNDRA, INDRA, HILMA and CLEO. Even the most modest home decorator will find a floor covering in a colour or pattern suitable to their taste. But a new owner of a bright pink carpet should expect to have a room looking like new.

Carpet Undra

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