Terms & Conditions


The owner of the online shop www.furnlux.eu (hereinafter referred to as the Online Shop) is FURNLUX TRADE OÜ (registration code 16715994) with the location Turu 34b, 51004, Tartu.
FURNLUX TRADE OÜ (hereinafter referred to as the Seller) and the person who places an order in the FURNLUX TRADE OÜ E-shop www.furnlux.eu (hereinafter referred to as the Customer) and enters their personal data when placing the order, enter into a sales contract within the meaning of the Law of Obligations Act and subject to the conditions set out in the Terms and Conditions of Sale (hereinafter referred to as the Sales Contract).
The contracting parties shall be guided by the Law of Obligations Act, other laws of the Republic of Estonia, other legislation and the provisions agreed in the Terms and Conditions of Sale when regulating their mutual relations. The Seller shall have the right to unilaterally amend the Terms and Conditions of Sale at any time by informing the Customer on the website of the Online Shop www.furnlux.eu.

Validity of the sales contract, products and price information
The conditions of sale apply to the purchase of Products from the Online Shop. All prices of the Products in the Online Shop are in Euro and include VAT.
The prices of the Products sold in the Online Shop are indicated next to the products. The Seller reserves the right to modify the prices displayed in the Online Shop at any time. In the event that the prices have been changed in the Online Shop after the Customer has placed and paid for the order, the Seller is forced to deliver the corresponding Products to the Customer at the prices valid at the time of the order. The Customer shall not be entitled to claim compensation for the price difference. If, due to technical problems, the price of the Product has been displayed incorrectly in the Online Shop (for example at zero price), the Seller shall be entitled to charge the Customer the actual price of the Product. The Customer shall not be entitled to claim payment and delivery of the Product at the incorrect price displayed in the Online Shop. The Customer shall have the right to cancel the order of the Product placed at the incorrect price under the conditions set out in the User Agreement.
Information about the Products is provided in the Online Shop directly next to the Products. Product images displayed on the Online Shop are illustrative and may differ from the actual Product. Product descriptions in the Online Shop may not be exhaustive and may contain unintentional errors.

Placing an order
To place an order, you must add the products you wish to order to your shopping cart.
To place an order, you must fill in the required fields and …
The purchase amount will then be displayed on the screen and the Customer will pay for the Products via Internet Banking, Credit or Debit Card, Google Pay, Apple Pay or Montonio Split.
To pay via bank transfer, the Customer must select the bank link of the bank that is suitable as a payment method (see the list of accepted banks based on your country of origin in the Secure Payments page). After selecting the payment method and clicking on the “place order” button, the Customer will be redirected directly to the corresponding Internet Bank through the bank link selected by them, from where the payment will be made.
After the order has been submitted, a FURNLUX TRADE OÜ employee will send the order confirmation to the Customer’s e-mail address.
If the ordered Products cannot be delivered due to expiry of the Products or for any other reason, the Customer will be informed as early as possible.
The contract shall enter into force upon receiving the amount due to the account of the Online Shop.
The Customer has to provide the correct information required to fulfil the order when placing the order. The Seller shall not be liable for the incorrect fulfilment, non-fulfilment or any consequences resulting from the incorrect information provided by the Customer.

Products shall be delivered to Estonia, Finland, Latvia and Lithuania.
Delivery outside the stated countries is possible if the transport of the Products is organised and paid for by the Customer.
The shipping costs are borne by the Seller.
… deliveries will normally arrive at the destination specified by the Customer within … working days from the entry into force of the Sales Contract.
The maximum delivery time (hereinafter referred to as: Delivery Time) is shown next to the Products in the Online Shop. During the Delivery Time, the Seller shall arrange for the delivery of the Product to the Customer’s requested location. The availability of the Products displayed in the Online Shop may be subject to change due to delivery difficulties of the manufacturer or supplier and due to technical problems in the Online Shop software or the information exchange system.
In the event that the Customer’s order cannot be fulfilled within the Delivery Time, the Seller will contact the Customer and offer a possible new Delivery Time or the replacement of the Product with another equivalent Product of the same price and/or quality, or a refund of the money paid. The Customer will be refunded immediately, but not later than 14 days after the order has been placed.
The Products shall be delivered by courier to the Customer’s premises.

Right of withdrawal
If the Customer wishes to withdraw from the order after the order has been placed and before it has been fulfilled by the Seller, the Customer undertakes to notify the Seller immediately in writing. The written notification must be sent by post to Turu 34b, Tartu, 51004 or by e-mail to info@furnlux.eu. The notification must state the order number of the order wishing to be cancelled and include the Customer’s contact details (first name, surname, date of order, contact telephone number).
The Seller will send the Customer a confirmation of receipt of the cancellation by e-mail.
The Customer may withdraw from the contract concluded in the Online Shop within 14 days without giving any reason.
This period starts from the day the Products are delivered to the Customer.
The Product to be returned must be undamaged, complete, in its original packaging and unused.
In order to exercise the right of withdrawal, the Products ordered may not be used in any other way than is necessary to ascertain the nature, characteristics and functioning of the Products. For this purpose, the Customer must handle and use the Products only as they would normally be allowed to do in a shop.
If the Products have been used for any purpose other than necessary to ascertain the nature, characteristics and functioning of the Products, or if they show signs of use or wear, the Seller shall be entitled to deduct unilaterally from the amount to be returned to the Customer an amount of compensation corresponding to the depreciation in value of the Products. The amount of the compensation shall be determined on a case-by-case basis according to the extent of the possible diminution in the value of the returned Products and the Customer shall be informed of the amount of the compensation as soon as possible after the amount of the compensation has been determined.
In the event of the Customer’s withdrawal from the Contract, the Seller shall refund to the Customer all payments received under the Contract.
The Seller shall reimburse to the Customer the amount paid by the Customer without undue delay, but not later than 14 days from the date of receipt of the notice of withdrawal.
The Seller may refuse to make any repayment until it has received the Products covered by the Contract or until the Customer has provided evidence that they have returned the Products, whichever is the earlier.
The money shall be transferred to the Customer to the same bank account from which it was received by the Seller.
The costs of returning the Products shall be borne by the Seller.
The Customer undertakes to return the Products to the Seller without delay, but not later than 14 days after the date on which the withdrawal notice is submitted.
Purchased Products are not returnable if the Products have been specially manufactured or purchased for the Customer on the basis of a special order.

Right of complaint
The Online Shop is liable for any non-conformity or defect of the Products sold to the Customer, which was already present at the time of delivery and which becomes apparent within a period of up to two years from the delivery of the Product to the Customer. During this first year after the delivery of the Product to the Customer, it shall be presumed that the defect already existed at the time of delivery. It is the responsibility of the Online Shop to rebut this presumption.
In the event of a defect, the Customer has the right to contact the Online Shop within two months at the latest by sending an e-mail to info@furnlux.eu or by calling +372 677 8737. The Online Shop is not liable for defects that occur after the delivery of the Product due to the action or inaction of the consumer or in the case of normal wear and tear resulting from normal use of the Product.
If the Product purchased from the Online Shop have defects for which the Seller is liable, the Seller will repair or replace the defective Product. In the event that the Product cannot be repaired or replaced, the Seller will reimburse the Customer for all the fees incurred in connection with the Sales Contract.
The Seller shall respond to the complaint submitted by the Customer in writing or in a form that can be reproduced in writing within 15 days.

Settlement of disputes
In the event that the Customer has any complaints regarding the Online Shop, they should be sent by e-mail to info@furnlux.eu or by telephone to +372 677 8737.
If the Customer and the Online Shop are unable to settle the dispute by means of an agreement, the Customer may refer the matter to the Consumer Disputes Committee.
The Customer may turn to the European Union Consumer Dispute Resolution Platform.


The controller of personal data of the online shop www.furnlux.eu is FURNLUX TRADE OÜ (registered office 16715994), Turu 34b, 51004, Tartu, Estonia, phone number +372 677 8737 and e-mail info@furnlux.eu.
FURNLUX TRADE OÜ complies with the data processing principles laid down in the legislation and processes personal data lawfully, fairly and securely.
FURNLUX TRADE OÜ is in a position to confirm that personal data has been processed in accordance with the law. The personal data collected, processed and stored by FURNLUX TRADE OÜ are collected electronically, mainly through the website when placing an order and by e-mail. The personal data entered by the Customer when placing an order are entered in the Customer Register and are used for the performance of the sales contract and for offering products to the Customer.

What personal data is processed
The following personal data are processed:
telephone number;
e-mail address;
delivery address;
payment method;
bank account number;
order details and order value;
purchase history.
When you visit www.furnlux.eu, the site automatically records the following information.

The purposes for which personal data is processed
The personal data is used to manage customer orders and deliver goods.
The bank account number is used to refund payments to the customer.
Order details and cost are used to send invoices.
Personal data such as e-mail, telephone number, customer name, are processed in order to resolve issues related to the provision of goods and services. E-mail is also used to send invoices and newsletters if the customer has given his consent.
The telephone number will be used to inform the customer of the arrival of the goods.
Purchasing history data is used to provide an overview of goods and services purchased and to analyse customer preferences.
Data such as the browser identifier, page traffic density, average time spent on the page and products viewed are used to improve the content and functionality of the page.

Legal basis
The processing of personal data is carried out for the purposes of the performance of a contract with a customer.
The processing of personal data is carried out for the fulfilment of a legal accounting obligation.

Recipients to whom personal data are transferred
Personal data is transferred to the service provider for the purpose of accounting operations.
The name, telephone number and e-mail address will be sent to the transport service provider.
Personal data will be transferred to information technology service providers to ensure the functionality or availability of the online shop.
Personal data will be transferred to the customer support of the online shop for the management of purchases and purchase history and for the resolution of customer problems.
Name, telephone number, e-mail address and customer address will be transmitted to the courier for delivery purposes.
By posting feedback and photos, the buyer agrees that they may be published on FURNLUX social networks.
In order to assess the quality of the products purchased, the customer may be contacted by e-mail after delivery of the order. The customer will be asked to leave a review of the product and to evaluate the goods purchased. For this purpose, the buyer’s e-mail address may be communicated to third parties.
If the customer has subscribed to the FURNLUX newsletter and has provided their e-mail address, it may be forwarded to third parties.
The Service Provider informs users that it entrusts the processing of personal data to the following entities:
Meta Platforms, Inc., Menlo Park, California, United States – for authentication and advertising purposes.
Menlo Park, Menlo Park, Menlo Park, Inc., Menlo Park, Menlo Park, LLC, Menlo Park, LLC, Menlo Park, Menlo Park, USA – for authentication and advertising purposes.
Klaviyo, Inc., 125 Summer St, Boston, MA 02111, United States of America – for sending newsletters where the customer has given consent to do so.

Security and data access
Personal data is stored on … servers located in the territory of a Member State of the European Union or of a country that is a member of the European Economic Area.
The data may be transferred to countries whose level of data protection has been assessed as adequate by the European Commission or to a third country undertaking for which a safeguard measure as referred to in Articles 46 or 47 or 49(1) of the GDPR has been applied.
Physical and information technology safeguards shall be applied to protect personal data:

The personal data shall be accessible to the employees of FURNLUX TRADE OÜ to the extent necessary for the provision of the service.
The transfer of personal data to recipients from the online shop’s processors shall be carried out on the basis of contracts concluded between the online shop and the processors. Processors are obliged to ensure appropriate safeguards for the processing of personal data in accordance with Article 28 of the GDPR.

Access and rectification of personal data
Individuals have the right to access and rectify their personal data.
Access and rectification of personal data can be done through customer support.

Withdrawal of consent
A person has the right to withdraw consent by informing Customer Support by e-mail.

In the case of disputes relating to payments and consumer disputes, personal data will be kept until the claim is settled or the limitation period expires.
Personal data contained in the accounting records will be kept for seven years.

A person has the right to request the restriction of the processing of their personal data if the data is inaccurate, incomplete or processed unlawfully.

An individual has the right to object to the processing of their personal data if they have reason to believe that there is no lawful basis for the processing of their personal data.

In order to delete personal data, the person should contact customer support by e-mail. The personal data will be deleted within one month of receipt of the request for deletion or withdrawal of consent. The reply to the request will specify the personal data that will not be deleted and the legal basis and reason for the deletion.

A person has the right to request the transfer of personal data. A request for transfer of personal data made by e-mail will be answered within one month at the latest. The Customer Support will verify the identity and inform about the personal data to be transferred.

Disputes relating to the processing of personal data are settled through the Customer Support (e-mail: info@furnlux.eu, tel.: +372 677 8737). The supervisory authority is the Estonian Data Protection Inspectorate (info@aki.ee).