Vallåsen Table Lamp


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  • Vallåsen Table Lamp


    Light up the Vallåsen table lamp and create an atmospheric ambiance with this fantastic modern-designed Advent candlestick!

    The Vallåsen lamp series is artfully designed to resemble the shape of an irregular Advent candlestick, but it takes it to a new level with small lights of varying heights that emit a subtle and beautiful glow. This becomes an elegant and stylish detail that can adorn any room. Made of black steel in a minimalist style.

    What makes Vallåsen even more fantastic is its versatility in usage. Place it on your desk to create a calm and focused atmosphere while you work or study. Or why not put it on the windowsill to spread light and joy to passersby? Best of all – it works perfectly all year round and doesn’t have to be limited to the December holidays! Dimensions: 42x27x6cm.

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  • Vallåsen Table Lamp


    Create a cozy and stylish atmosphere in your home with our fantastic brown Advent candlestick from the Vallåsen series. This elegant table lamp is designed as an irregular Advent candlestick and made of beautifully dark brown steel. With small lamps at different heights, it spreads a warm and inviting glow.

    Vallåsen is not just an ordinary Advent candlestick, it is also a stylish detail. The small lamps proudly stand on an elevated rectangular block, adding a modern touch to the traditional design. Place it on your desk to create a relaxing work environment or let it illuminate your windowsill, welcoming visitors with its charming glow.

    Best of all – this lamp is not limited to Christmas celebrations but is suitable as a lamp throughout the year. Its stylish, earthy color makes it very modern, but if you prefer a more classic color, it is also available in black. You choose what suits you and your home best! Dimensions: 42x27x6cm.

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