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  • Wave Cabinet


    An elegant storage furniture! Wave in robust design creates a pompous weight to the room. The cabinet is made of black MDF and has two glass doors with frames in black MDF. The clear glass lets lovely light in the cabinet and the overall design with straight stylish lines gives the furniture a modern look. This black display cabinet is perfect for the living room, kitchen or why not in the office. Fill and decorate it with porcelain, beautiful vases, books or other items that lack good storage.

    Care advice:
    MDF discs that are painted or varnished are sensitive to scratches and damage. Therefore, be careful with the discs to avoid this. Surfaces painted with varnish with color pigment or paint has a pigmentation that provides a non -covering transparent surface. Foods such as soda, red wine and coffee contain dyes that white varnishes are extra sensitive to.

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