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  • Bastian Heating


    Bastian, a stylish and warm fireplace that is guaranteed to raise the cozy factor on the patio with crackling sparks. The design is eye -catching with a cylinder -shaped body that gradually becomes narrower towards the top. The fireplace is made of black steel and has two openings at different levels. See our tips for more information about materials and maintenance. Extend late summer evenings with a perfect fireplace that is both decorative and keeps you and your guests warm.

    Tips from us:
    Remember to never leave the fireplace unattended. The fireplace is made of heat -resistant steel. In order not to risk damaging the substrate it is placed on, a protective base plate should be found below. Make sure not to have animals or children nearby, fire under the open sky and do not extinguish the fire with water. Not water resistant.

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  • Bohus Ottoman / Pouf


    This pallet from the Bohus series is as useful as stylish! The neat size makes the pallet easy to move around and the earthy color from the durable material teak makes it easy to adapt to other interior. The seat is round and has three lightly flared legs that are cylindrical. Use as a pallet to create more seating or why not as a side table or pedestal? Only the imagination sets limits!

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  • Chennai Decoration


    Chennai is our round storage basket with lid! This basket can be used for a lot; Towels in the bathroom, less storage in the living room or why not fill it with toys in the children’s room? It is as decorative as interior decoration, as it is functional and fits in several rooms. The basket is natural colored and green with white details. Decorate your home smart and neat!

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